About Wheeler Packaging

Wheeler Packaging LorryPack it, wrap it, box it, envelope it, crate it, put it on pallets, Wheeler Packaging has everything you need to make sure your goods arrive in top condition and even offer a packaging service if required.

Making sure that goods are not damaged in transit is a top priority; a little extra care in dispatch can make all the difference in avoiding returns and replacements, to say nothing of meeting customers’ expectations.

Wheeler Packaging Limited, formerly known as Glenpac, was established in 1982 in Cricklade, Swindon, Wiltshire, and very quickly became established as a leading supplier of industrial packaging materials in the south west.

In April 2012 the business was taken over by Derek Telling and Ashley Wheeler who had both worked at the company for many years and brought a wealth of industry experience to their new roles.

Now based at Castle Eaton, Swindon, the company are proud to have maintained and even exceeded the standards set by Glenpac.

A large part of their business is to provide bespoke packaging for industrial requirements, producing wooden cases and timber pallets to measure.

They will select the most appropriate case materials for the item to be shipped from complete timber, plywood battened or a plywood riveted sleeve. Taking environmental considerations into account, a foil bag is sometimes recommended for electrical systems.

When it comes to irregular items, fragile, high value or multiple items for a case Wheeler can recommend the correct packaging to ensure the items will arrive safely at their destination.

All that is required are the measurements for Wheeler to design a case to the required size. The case is delivered to the customer, so that all that remains is for the customer to put the items in place and secure the case, before delivery to their customers.

Should a sturdy cardboard container, rather than timber or plywood be suitable for the purpose Wheeler are able to provide a fantastic range.

Amy Wheeler told us,

“Many people opt for their cardboard boxes with a supported timber base. There are various styles of box in different board grades with a supported lightweight or heavy duty timber pallet base. This is also an option with our standard palletised containers where a cardboard cap, tray and sleeve supplied with a timber pallet. We can also supply cardboard boxes in various sizes, styles and board grade. You can even personalise your cardboard boxes by adding your own print or company logo.”

They also supply a huge range of other packaging materials including padded envelopes, corrugated rolls, bubble wrap, packaging film, tapes and filling materials such as Jiffy packaging foam, and eco-friendly loose fill materials.

The flexible nature of many of these materials also makes them ideal for irregularly shaped items or to prevent items from moving about in their transit containers.
It is plain that Wheeler really does have all your packaging requirements well and truly “wrapped up”.

If you have any special packaging requirements or require wholesale quantities, please call 01285 810229 or email at sales@wheelerpackaging.co.uk.